Brentano's Pre-K Enrollment is Now Open!

Brentano offers Pre-Kindergarten starting at Age 3. 

Two programs are available:
Traditional Pre-Kindergarten
Blended Special Education Pre-Kindergarten

Detailed information on Pre-K enrollment may be found here:

Brentano offers two program models that service students for half a day. Each classroom is staffed with certified early childhood teachers and a paraprofessional. Both programs provide unique and special learning opportunities for all learners. The blended program specializes in targeting areas in which students need additional support. Both models are outstanding! Students exit the program ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Both programs follow the Illinois Early Learning Standards, and a theme-based science and math-focused curricula which encourages literacy, mathematic development, technology and other kindergarten readiness skills.
Throughout the year our students are engaged in learning about Animals, Health and Nutrition, Family and many other exciting themes that children and families enjoy. During these Project based Learning experiences our families are invited to be part of the learning process with their children.
You can learn more about our class by visiting the room 113 website at

Both Pre-Kindergarten programs emphasize:
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Concept development
  • Letter and number recognition
  • Basic number sense
  • Communication/listening and speaking
  • Vocabulary development
  • Comprehension/Reasoning
  • Fine and gross motor development
Our teaching strategies consist of hands-on exploration, inquiry-based learning, and learning centers based on children’s interests. 

Unique to Brentano’s Pre-Kindergarten and primary grades is our partnership with the renowned Erikson Institute. This program provides extensive professional development and coaching for our Pre-Kindergarten through third grade teachers in the area of early mathematics instruction.

Some of the events in the preschool programs are as follows:
  • PNC Initiative (Science-focused)
  • Halloween Parade
  • Winter Assembly performances
  • Black History Month celebration
  • 100TH Day of School celebration
  • Participation in National Center of Quality Teaching teacher training video
  • Dr. Seuss’s Birthday celebration
  • Field trip to Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Brentano’s History Fair—History of the United States
…and more events forthcoming!

If you are interested in finding out more about our preschool programs or scheduling a visit, please contact us!

Mrs. Jenab, Mrs. Jennifer, & Mrs. Gonzalez, Room #113 /
(773) 534-4903

Mrs. Sanew and Mrs. Medina, Room #105
(773) 534-4642

We're Number 1!

Congratulations to the staff and students at Brentano for achieving a "Level 1 - Excellent Standing" rating from CPS - the highest rating offered by CPS. 

Brentano Ranks in Top 1% of U.S. Schools!

We are so proud to report that Brentano has scored in the top 1% of all schools in the United States for student growth in math and reading on the NWEA assessment. NWEA is a test taken by all CPS students in the fall and spring, and the award means Brentano students grew more this year, on average, than students in 99% of schools in the nation. Scores on standardized tests like ISAT often just reflect the abilities students bring into a school -- NWEA focuses on the gains each student makes, regardless of whether they enter a school especially ahead or behind.

We don't think test scores are everything, but we know that tests like NWEA that measure each kid's growth say much more about a school's impact than tests like the ISAT. Brentano, as a neighborhood school, accepts students of all backgrounds. There is no test to get in and Brentano's students haven't had to win the lottery to be accepted. We couldn't be happier to have even more evidence of Brentano's success pushing all kids ahead. That's what makes Brentano such a remarkable place. As parents, that's exactly what we want in a school, and that's why we're so glad to be part of the Brentano family.

Please join us in congratulating the Brentano family on this tremendous achievement! To learn more about Brentano or to take a tour, please email any of us or visit We still have pre-K and Kindergarten spots (as well as upper grade openings) for 2013.

Free Weekly play group at Brentano

Please Join us at Friends of Brentano's New Weekly Play Group!

Brentano Baby/Toddler Playgroup (age 0-3)
Mondays, from 10am to noon
at Brentano Elementary
2723 N. Fairfield Ave
Room 117 

Note - the Brentano play group will move to the playground and soccer field during the summer months (starting on July 4th).

The entrance to the school is on Fairfield (it's the third door heading north). If you're driving from Logan Blvd, you'll need to turn north on Washtenaw. You will need to ring a bell and the office will buzz you in and can direct you to the room. Bring a smock or clothes for your kiddo to get dirty in. Our first play date is BYO Snack.